IndusDiva Madurai Cotton Handloom Saree (BLR16801038_Crimson red_Free size)

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Madurai Pure Cotton: Minimalist Fashion At Its Best

If comfort is what you seek in your clothes, look no further than Madurai pure cotton sarees. Madurai fabric embodies a certain timelessness. Subtle colours, elegant designs, and a soothing touch make it a much sought-after garment.

Tales Of Glory

As a land that traded with Romans and a magnificent capital of empires from a bygone era, the quaint little town of Madurai has more than a couple of tourist destinations to its credit. The famous Madurai cotton saree breathed life into the daily fashion of the locals centuries ago, and is still a functional and viable choice today.

Breezy and lightweight, it’s a delight to wear in all seasons. The famous tie-dye technique, inspired by the regions to the north, lends a unique pattern to this fabric. Fine cotton threads are artfully handloomed by skilled artisans for over two weeks. The effort invested in making these sarees is apparent when you look at a finished piece. Madurai sarees are perfect if you’re going for a casual look, and they also work beautifully as office wear.

Subtle Hues And A Bold Personality

The universal appeal of the fabric is due to its flair for simplicity. Couple that with the geometric designs inspired by the traditional ‘kolam’ or ‘rangoli’, and you have a masterpiece. The block printed designs on the body are heavily inspired by temples and nature, and balance the more subtle shades of the sarees.

There’s an interplay of contrast between the border and the body of the saree, which gives it a refreshing look. The sheen from the intricate gold or silver threadwork on the border accentuates the calming colours used in the body of the saree. Madurai sarees are impressive because of the light and breathable texture of the fabric, and also because of the effortless grace they lend to you.

Sometimes, it just takes the right outfit to give you an instant makeover. And you can’t go wrong with a classic Madurai pure cotton saree.

How To Care For Your Madurai Saree

Bringing home an elegant cotton saree comes with its own set of responsibilities. Here’s what you can do to prolong the life of your saree:

  • Your first wash should always be a dry clean
  • Use cold water to rinse the saree
  • Avoid harsh detergents and chemicals
  • Don’t wring the saree when you’re drying it
  • Turn the saree over before ironing it

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  • Material: 100% Pure cotton
  • Without blouse piece
  • Weave Type: Madurai cotton
  • Genuine handloom saree
  • Dry clean only
  • Saree Length: 5.75 meters, Saree Width: 42 inches
  • Casual wear
  • Red saree with checkered pattern
  • Pallu with zari stripes

Price Rs.1,719
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